Amazon: Request For Information

In order for us to help you get your business up and selling on the Amazon platform we have prepared a short questionnaire to identify your needs.

1. Have you set up your Amazon SellerCentral account already?

If so we will require administrator access, if not we can approach Amazon on your behalf.

2. How many individual SKUs do you intend to sell?
Including size/colour variants.

3. Where do you want to sell?

Amazon has platforms all over the world - the EU, the US, Canada, China, and Japan.

For UK vendors getting set up on the other European platforms (Germany, France, Spain, and Italy) is relatively easy as Amazon works to integrate the marketplaces more closely. Nevertheless, they are ran independently and are at different levels of development in each country, and so have to be approached and managed separately.

Outside the EU, you must be aware of export controls, customs, taxation etc. We would need to seek permission to sell on those platforms. There are significant logistic issues which could impact the success of your Amazon listings such as stock levels, time spent out-of-stock, and shipping times.

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 Germany (
 France (
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4. Can you provide essential information and copy for your products?
This includes EAN/UPC, size, weight, volume capacity, package dimensions & weight, and colour. If you have relevant copy that can be used on Amazon it can be useful for us to adapt to the platform. The more information you can provide, the stronger your listings will be.

5. Do you have this information translated for the desired platforms?
If not, this is an additional service we can provide for EU languages. Normally, within the EU this is the only additional information required to get set up on non-UK marketplaces.

6. Where is your product manufactured, and will you ship directly to FBA centres?