Cybertill Integration

- Do not cut corners with your data.
- All products and categories to be added to the website by correctly entering them in Cybertill (varied method of population may cause long term inconsistencies) 
- All data assigned to web categories and enabled correctly for web will display on the website. 
- All data listed on the site but not linked in Cybertill will not be affected by the integration.
- If some products display on the site and others do not within the same category, please check all of that products attributes are correct in Cybertill, the integration is a script and is not selective... it works with data provided and attributes assigned to it in Cybertill.

The store owner is responsible for the amounts charged to customers (product price / shipping price) and the amount paid to suppliers (eg shipping providers) so ALL transaction values must be checked and approved by store owner (or responsible staff member / agent designated by store manager) prior to launching any integration.

 It is the customers responsibility to enter the data correctly in Cybertill. Latent issues with data added to Cybertill will be immediately visible on the development / test platform

Remember: "Garbage in = Garbage out".

We can advise regarding issues. If we have to 'cross the bridge' and change your Cybertill entries / configuration in Cybertill that may be chargeable on an hourly basis (for discussion).


Products not appearing correctly
- After any large product update it is important to ensure caches are cleared and reindexing is complete. 
- We can produce script to do this on a  scheduled basis. Frequency to be discussed.
- We have produced a module that clears cache and reindexes data in sequence with one click 

External Issues Experienced:
#1 Products not saving in the Magento admin Panel - server limit on the amount of php variables that can be sent.
#2 APC cache / Cache delaying product appearance on the site (this can be simply resolved please enquire) 
#3 Human Error.
#4 Cache not being cleared.
#5 Reindex not being run. 
#6 Reindex processes timing out. Server set to time out after a shorter time than it took for processes to run.

It is recommended that all products and categories are managed the same way - from Cybertill, ensuring all data is managed in one place and with one process. Using one agreed process to add data is best practice, if there is an issue makes it much easier to define the cause.


Fair Play & Support

We will resolve issues with the integration without charge. The integration means the software that transfers data between Magento and Cybertill.

We can support Magento and Server however support hours changing configuration on site / server are to be classed as support (invoiced ad hoc or as part of a support arrangement)

In absence of a website support agreement, and should a reported issue turn out to be administrative or data error from client side, or a website or server configuration issue, Juno reserve the right to invoice at our hourly rate for time to investigate and resolve.


Change Log

- Download / Update file added.
Adds stock to sync a product. Covers changed/new products from the past 28days. Can be quicker to run that than all 4x downloads.

- Download/Items - Updated
Inserts and updates changed to Zend format to increase compatibility and speed. Altered log name to include date for easier debugging.

- Download/Products - Updated
Updated code to improve speed.  Altered log name to include date for easier debugging.

- Download/Stock - Updated.
Altered log name to include date for easier debugging. Removed the caching of stock levels so new data is always used. Updated the insert/update queries to zend statements.

- StockLevel - Updated

Removed the caching of stock data so fresh data is always downloaded. Updated the "_updateConfigurables" function with optimised code, added the "Is Live Allowed Attribute" into the calculation. Removed the "_removeNoneUpdated" function as hasn't been used in over 6mnts. Altered log name to include date for easier debugging.

- Product - Updated

Small update to run function.

- Push/Register - Updated

Small changes include removal of the 1 from the VAT number field. All fields wrapped in the safe order function to strip foreign chars for safer Cybertill transmission.

- Push/Register - Checked

Checked all fields we wrapped in the safe order function to strip foreign chars for safer Cybertill transmission.

- Push/Newaddress - Updated

All fields wrapped in the safe order function to strip foreign chars for safer Cybertill transmission. Added functionality for guest checkout account lookups.

This is a supported module, please contact for help.

Please post questions in comments box below.-