Adding Products

This page will detail how to add products to the website via the Cybertill module.

  • First step is to login to Cybertill.
  • Once logged in, navigate to the "Products & Categories" link on the main page.
  • Now navigate through the categories list until you find the products that you want to send to the website.
  • Once the products have been found, you should see them at the bottom of the category list:

  • Now you will be able to tick the products to transfer to the website. Once products have been selected, scroll down to the bottom and select the "Assign Checked Products to Website" drop down:

  • On the next screen you will be able to select which web categories that you want the products to be copied into:

  • Holding Ctrl and selecting the multiple if required of the categories, when done press "Move Here".
Once this process has been completed the product(s) will now be assigned into the appropriate web categories.