Assigning Products to Web Categories in Cybertill

1. In the Cybertill admin navigate to 'Websites -> Website Administration -> Website Categories'

2. Set up the required category structure by entering the category names and clicking the 'Add new sub-category button'. Note: the structure you create here will be how the categories are structured on your Magento website.

3. Once all the web categories have been created, you can assign products to these categories, to do this navigate to 'Admin -> Products & Categories'.

4. From the Products and Categories screen you can assign all the products in a sub category to a web category in one go. Navigate to the sub-category containing products you wish to assign to a web category. Then select the individual products you wish to assign from the product list, or alternatively to select all the products contained in the category tick the 'All xx products in this category' option underneath the list of products.

5. Once you have selected the product you wish to assign, select the 'assign to website categories' option underneath the list of products and select the relevant website from the drop-down menu on this option. (If you only have one website on your Cybertill account you will not have to change this).

6. With 'assign to website categories' selected click 'Submit'. Finally from the next screen select the website category you wish to assign the products to and click 'Save'.