Request for information / things to consider

- Define Cybertill version - Classic / RS2 (We have integrated both).
- Define Magento Version.
- Is the integration for Multi Store? (our integration can handle this)

- Define trade price parameters.
- Define warehouse setup and where central stock level will come from and other conditions. 
- Discuss Inter Branch Transfer Handling (IBT). 
- Define dispatch triggers ie in Cybertill or Magento eg. immediate despatch of the order in Cybertill.
- Define how discount prices will be handled.
- Define how discountinued products will be handled.
- Define how out of stock products will be handled.
- Define any p
roducts that are only available in store but are show cased online without option to buy online.
- Are the prices on the website VAT inclusive or exclusive?
- Define sales requirements to customers and trade customers in the EU and rest of world.
Define if multiple currency is a requirement.
- Define all relevant contacts internal and external (eg external IT contacts).
- If an external server, define who will manage the server eg check setting and create cron / scheduled scripts to run automated processes (Juno are happy to do this if authorised).
- If external development agency involved for website support but not integration, discuss roles and requirements.

We have developed a Script that will export Magento Products in Cybertill Format to help you migrate your products Swiftly to Cybertill