Eternal EPOS VAT Calculation

This issue is only relevant if your website needs communicate to EPOS one selling price for all countries, but to only apply VAT to those within the EU as a percentage of the selling price.


A £100 Product will be charged at £100 with no tax outside the EEC, although in the EEC it will include VAT

Non EEC = £100 Tax Free
EEC = £83.3333 + Vat = £100

Tax is removed completely from Magento and the Juno integration will process the orders so that:
The Non EEC order will be sent to Visual as £100 with 0 Tax code
The EEC Order will be sent to Visual as £83.3333 with a VAT Tax code

Potential VAT Rounding Issue
“Whilst this somewhat resolves the issue this highlights the rounding issue that you will need to account for.

/ 1.2 = 83.3333
83.3333 x 1.2 = 99.9999

Therein lies the riddle... and your accounts department will need to prepare for this “