Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) & Magento Integration

The Juno FBA and Magento module is highly evolved and will synchronise your Magento and Amazon accounts ensuring you have an up to date stock level and central product and sales management.

The module when installed adds two product attributes

  • FNSKU - This is the fullfillment network Sku code or identifier.
  • Fulfillment Enabled (yes/no) - This allows for fulfillment to be turned on or off on a per product basis.

NOTE: The FNSKU in Magento must match FNSKU in FBA. If they do not match the systems will not associate the products and the system will not work. You can upload the Correct FNSKU to Magento using the product spreadsheet or one by one in the Magento Admin.

Prices, descriptions etc do not have to match between the systems... just the FNSKU!

Please contact us on 0115 941 8122 for help and support.

We have experts in-house who can help you with your data etc and review and manage your FBA and Magento config if you are struggling, however this work may be chargeable at our hourly rate.