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Gyazo: Setting Up The App For Mac

Gyazo is a handy Screenshot App for Mac that saves screenshots as URLS, below are the steps you need to follow to get set up:

  1. Install Gyazo (https://gyazo.com)
  2. Cmd+space search for "Automator" and goto the Automator app.
  3. Use the search in the app to find the "Launch Application" service.
  4. Drag this over to the right side. (or double click)
  5. Then from the drop down select the Gyazo app. http://go.juno.is/26255b.png
  6. Save this service.
  7. Cmd+space search for "Keyboard" and goto the keyboard preferences.
  8. Remove the standard shortcut for the screenshot: http://go.juno.is/702d4.png
  9. Add the new "Service" to launch the app. http://go.juno.is/caed.png

To host images on go.juno.is, update /Applications/gyazo.app/Contents/Resources/script to point to the upload script.