Magento: Design Bible

Follow the commandments within, and your designs stand a chance of leaving our shores and being sent to the client. This list is not meant to stifle innovation but it constitutes the minimum requirements for a successful ecommerce design project.

It is your duty as a designer to establish through communication the key objectives for the client in terms of generating revenue. Growth may be achieved through
  • Direct online sales
  • Phone contact (may be encouraged through several ways inc, clear phone number, request call back, ask the experts, need advice etc)
  • Form enquiry
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Visit our store
  • Order a brochure

You must establish these goals and agree them with the client before design begins. 

Brand Communication

Company Values
Establish the company's brand values and how can they be best communicated.

Brand Character
The internet is awash with sterile sites, establish design and style treatments that will set the brand apart.

What is the company dedicated to?

Example Dedications:
  • Quality.
  • Family.
  • British Manufacturing.
  • Style Leadership.
  • Design.
  • Communication.
  • Customer Service.
  • Technical capability.
  • Charity.
Where possible and relevant humanise the business by introducing company members and their contributions.

As a designer you need to understand what these are, and include them. If the company has not yet established or defined this then you need to work with them to develop them.

Delivery Offers
A site visitor needs to know when they will receive their products and how much will it cost.

  • Delivery Offer¬† eg FREE UK Delivery
  • Returns Offer eg Peace Of Mind Returns
  • Delivery Method e.g Hand delivered by our own distribution team
  • Delivery Options eg Express / Next Day
  • Click and Collect

Make sure you know what these are for the company and use them appropriately.

Trust Communication
Establish the tools that are available to establish that the company is trustworthy.
  • Store Shots to show retail / bricks and mortar presencepresence
  • Reviews eg Feefo / Trustpilot
  • Testimony
  • Company Age eg est 1945

To ensure the customer feels safe show security symbols and icons that identify the security measures taken.
  • SSL Certificate e.g. 128 bit Secure SSL
  • Card Symbols eg Mastercard, Visa etc
To encourage the sense of security use language throughout such as - Check Out Securely'