Magento Design Styling Only Specification

This outline is to define a styling only project with Magento. The purpose is to enable fast visual change without large requirement for back end development and further development.
  • Work will be carried out only on template, css, javascript and xml files.
  • We will implement styling only for standard Magento features.
  • Any areas which need to be dynamic, and are not already configured in the template (i.e. are bespoke to the site), will be implemented as static areas on the template.
Designs for all pages must be provided to, or designed by us (subject to agreement). Page list here ->

Projects of this nature do not include module development or custom module development unless previously agreed.

Design Sign Off
All designs must be 100% approved and signed off before work begins by all stakeholders within the client company. The website will be delivered exactly as per the designs in the first development timeframe. We are happy to make design change after the first development phase however this time will be classified as further change / evolution and may be quoted for.

The intention of this firm structure is to ensure that proper consideration to the design is given when the site is in fast to amend Photoshop format. It is important to the success of the project that during development all parties including client and project managers have an agreed specification and agreed designs, to hold up and review progress.

Failure to provide signed off designs and mid project design change will affect scheduling and project timeframes.