Magento Ecommerce SEO

Category Page Content 

During a site design process, we design areas for content beautifully into a website (particularly on category pages).

It is essential that the importance of content is explained to a client.

In principle having 250 words on a page, improves the quality score for that page in Google. A good quality score 10 / 10 will rank much better in Google search increasing organic traffic. It will also improve the quality score in Adwords which reduces cost per click / conversion, making PPC campaigns profitable and scaleable. 

Search Engines look for for the written word, so having plenty of relevant words there is a good thing. 

It is better to have the content above the product list. 

It is a good idea that the content is beautifully written brand content. 

We generally (unless it is already present) encourage the client to write plenty of content for the site during our relationship.