Magento Manadev: Notes & SEO Scheme Settings Configuration

ManaDv URL Configuration

To configure ManaDev to display the required URL structure go to:

Manadev → SEO Schemas

Two or more schema options will then be displayed, one active and one or more redirects

manadev 1

Click on the 'active' schema to view the settings.

IMPORTANT: Before making any changes to the schemas settings, you must duplicate the current active schema. This will allow the old style urls to be redirected to the new style url's you are about to setup. This is especially important when the site has already been indexed by a search engine.

Once you are in the active schemas settings click the duplicate button, a success message about the schema being duplicated should be displayed.

Manadev 2 SEO

Once the schema has been duplicated, click the close button and go back into the schema marked as active.

Under the first sub-section 'URL Settings' change the options so they match the following;

Navigate to the 'Canonical Settings' subsection, and enable all the options as below:

Finally set the 'Special Symbols in URL' setting to:
Manadev SEO Chars

For ref if anyone sets up lesticache + manadev:

Layered Navigation Configuration

Under ( ManaDev → Global Configuration → Layered Navigation ) set the following configuration options:

Make sure 'Show category filters' as 'Text (One item can be selected at a time)'
'Show all other filters as' options are set to 'checkboxes (images)'

Under Search Engine Optimisation settings make sure the following options are selected:

Magento Admin > Manadev > Global Configuration > General


 - Side bar missing:

check the category is set to have page layou = 2 column with bar

- Filters not showing on category pages

check the category has 'Is Anchor' set to yes

check the attribute has 'Use In Layered Navigation' set to 'Filterable with results'

- filters not showing on search pages

check the attribute has 'Use In Search Results Layered Navigation' set to 'yes'