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Affiliate Tracking & Feeds for Magento

This guide will walk you through the setup and configuration of the Juno Affilaite module for Magento. This module will allow you to quickly and easily insert a tracking code on the success page of your website and provide your affilaites with a Product Feed in either XML or CSV format.

Installation & Setup
  • Download the module:
    1. Once you have successfully purchased the module in the Juno Magento Module store you will be able to access your download via the "My Account" section of the website. 
    2. Vist and login using the link in the top right corner.
    3. Once logged into your account you will see the "My Downloads" link in the left navigation. Click on this link.
    4. Now on the downloads page you will see the downloadable products that are linked to your account.
    5. Click on the appropriate module and download the .tar file to your computer.

  • Install the module:
    1. Installation of your module should be done via Magento Connect. This can be location on your Magento store by visiting
    2. Once you visit this URL, please login using your standard Magento admin credentials to login.
    3. When you are logged in you should use the "Direct package file upload." link. Browse your hard drive to locate the module file that you downloaded previously.
    4. Once you have selected the module. Press "Upload". 
    5. The module will now be installed via Magento connect. 
    6. As a note, you can also unzip the tar file and upload manually via FTP, however installation via Magento Connect is recommended. 
    7. Once installed, clear the cache, ensure that compilation is disabled and logout and then back into the admin area.

  • Configuring the module
    1. Now that the module has been installed you can configure the module via the admin area. To do this goto Admin > System > Configuration > Affiliate Program Setup.
      Module Config

    2. Going through the config above top to bottom:
      • License Key - This is obtained from Juno Media.
      • Activate Tracking Code - This will turn on and off the tracking code on the success page of the website.
      • Activate Product Feed - This will turn on and off the product feed functionality.
      • Activate Footer Code - This is only required with some affiliate programs. If in doubt, leave set to No.
      • System Locale - This will be dependant on your affiliate network, however if in doubt select Not Used/Default.
      • Program ID - This will be supplied by your affiliate network.
      • Event or Group ID's - The use of this field will vary from program to program, however if in doubt enter a 0 in this box.
      • Commission Including Tax - This option allows you to define if the figures sent to the affiliate program include or exclude tax. Remember for this function to work you must have tax setup and working in your Magento store.
    3. Additional "CSV Mapping" information can be found at the bottom of this page.
    4. Now that all the settings are in you are ready for testing.

  1. Tracking Code - To test the tracking code, please place test orders on your site. Upon the success page being loaded you should be able to see the tracking code in the page source. Please remember that if you are in Chrome or Firefox to use "Inspect Element" and not "View Source" as View Source will re-load the page and you will see the source for the empty basket page.
  2. Product Feeds - Dynamic Product Feed - If you visit: (replacing with your actual web address and AffiliateWindow with your program type). This will render the product feed to the web browser.
The feed URLs for different programs are:
The output of your feed is located in the /media/ folder. Please ensure that this folder is writable on the server.

Program Specific Settings
We have tailored the Juno Affiliate module to work with most of the worlds top affilaite programs. The following settings are program specific, if your program is not listed below then you will not need any specific settings:
  • Webgains
    • Event ID's - The event IDs depending on your program setup will need to be entered. Enter at least one Event ID.
    • System Locale - You will need to select the Webgains Locale that relevant to your program.

If you are having issues with the module, please email
  • Q. Tracking Code not showing on success page?
  • A: This is normally due to a custom theme overriding the XML tags on the success page. 
  • Q. There is no tax deduction in my tracking code.
  • A: Please ensure that tax rates are added and correctly setup in the Magento system. Also, please make sure that the affiliate program config settings are set to include/exclude tax accordingly.
  • Q. Tracking Code not STILL showing on success page?
  • A: Most people who are testing if the tracking code is there are in Chrome or Firefox, in both of these browsers you need to use "Inspect Element" as using "View Source" will only re-load the page and show you the empty basket source.
  • Q. Can I customise the product feed?
  • A: Yes, customisation is normally quite easy, you feed will be generated from the file: /app/code/local/Juno/Affiliate/Model/Type/PROGRAM_NAME.php replacing PROGRAM_NAME with the name of your program, e.g. Webgains.
  • Q. My product feed isn't generating?
  • A: Please check that the media folder has the permissions to write.