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Barclaycard Smartpay Integration

This guide will walk you through setting up the Barclaycard Smartpay hosted payment page with our module. Please ensure that you go through this guide and check the FAQs at the bottom of the page, if you are still having issues please feel free to email:
Installation & Setup
  • Download the module:
  1. Once you have successfully purchased the module in the Juno Magento Module store you will be able to access your download via the "My Account" section of the website. 
  2. Vist and login using the link in the top right corner.
  3. Once logged into your account you will see the "My Downloads" link in the left navigation. Click on this link.
  4. Now on the downloads page you will see the downloadable products that are linked to your account.
  5. Click on the appropriate module and download the .tar file to your computer.
  6. From your account section you can also access your serial keys that will be required to use the module.

  • Install the module:
  1. Installation of your module should be done via Magento Connect. This can be location on your Magento store by visiting
  2. Once you visit this URL, please login using your standard Magento admin credentials to login.
  3. When you are logged in you should use the "Direct package file upload." link. Browse your hard drive to locate the module file that you downloaded previously.
  4. Once you have selected the module. Press "Upload". 
  5. The module will now be installed via Magento connect. 
  6. As a note, you can also unzip the tar file and upload manually via FTP, however installation via Magento Connect is recommended. 

(*) Note: Click on the images to enlarge.
  • Configuring the Barclaycard setup:
  1. First thing to do is to head over to: and login to your Barclaycard account.
  2. Once logged in, goto the "Skins" section.
  3. Once in the Skins section, if you have not already created a skin for your eCommerce setup you will need to click on the "New" tab at the top of the page. If you have already created a skin for your eCommerce setup you can select edit on this skin.
  4. The screenshot below shows the blank configuration of a new skin.

  5. Now we can go through the configuration of the skin:
    • Description - This is your reference to the Skin, it will only be seen in the Barclycard administration area.
    • Skin Profile - This could vary depending on your store setup, however in most cases this should be set to: "Default"
    • Result URL for TestThe result URL is the URL where you host your payment result page. Please set this to: (remember to change to actual domain, also http:// or https:// depending on if your server has a SSL certificate).
    • Continue-to URL for Test - This should be left blank.
    • HMAC Key for Test - This is a unique secure passphrase for encrypting the data between your website and the Barclaycard server, make a note of this as it will be required in the Magento configuration.
    • Result URL for Live - The result URL is the URL where you host your payment result page. Please set this to: (remember to change to actual domain, also http:// or https:// depending on if your server has a SSL certificate).
    • Continue-to URL for Live - This should be left blank.
    • HMAC Key for Test - As above, however the live passphrase should be different to the test one.
  6. Now all of the settings have been input and saved in the skin we have completed the basic setup on the Barclaycard end. It should be noted that the above settings a for guidance on getting you up and running. You will need to tailor these settings if you want to create your own design/look/feel for your payment pages.
  7. Please take a note of the generated skin code as it will be required in the Magento configuration:

    • Configuring Server Communication:
      Server communication allows your Barclaycard account to send payment updates to your Magento system to keep orders up-to-date.
    1. When logged into the Barclaycard control panel, navigate to: Settings > Notifications.
    2. On this configuration page, please enter the following settings:
      1. URL -  This is the URL where barclaycard will send updates to. Please set this to: (remember to change to actual domain, also http:// or https:// depending on if your server has a SSL certificate).
      2. Active - This should be checked.
      3. Username - Please select a custom username to secure your notifications.
      4. Password - Please select a custom password to secure your notifications.
    3. Once these settings have been saved the Barclaycard account will be configured to send notification updates back to the Magento system.

    • Configuring the Magento setup:
    1. At the beginning of this page we installed the module on the Magento Connect page, now we have setup the Barclaycard side of things we can proceed with the configuration of the module from the Magento admin area.
    2. First of all, login to the Magento admin area and navigate to System > Configuration > Barclaycard

    3. Now, you should see the Barclaycard configuration page, please note that if you see a 404 error, then logout of the admin and log back in again.
    4. Here is an overview of your configuration options:
      • Title - This is the title of the payment method that will appear in the checkout section of the Magento site.
      • HMAC - This will be the passphrase that you defined in the setup of the skin in the Barclaycard configuration area.
      • Account Name - This is the account name for the Barclaycard account/
      • Skin Code - This is the skin code as generated in the Barclaycard admin area.
      • Authentication Username - This is the username that you set in the server notifications area.
      • Authentication PasswordThis is the password that you set in the server notifications area.
    5. Now you have configured the Magento end of things and you are ready for testing.

    Test Card Numbers
    The card numbers in the current documentation seem out of date, so here is a list of current working Smartpay test card numbers:

    Card Type / Card Number

    MasterCard Consumer: 5555 4444 3333 1111

    MasterCard Corporate: 5555 5555 5555 4444

    Visa Consumer: 4111 1111 1111 1111

    Visa Corporate: 4444 3333 2222 1111

    Amex: 3700 0000 0000 002

    Maestro UK: 6759 6498 2643 8453 (Start Date 12/2007, Issue Number 1)

    Solo: 6767 8200 9988 0073 (Start Date 12/2007, Issue Number 1)

    Note - All cards are issued in NL except Maestro UK and Solo which are GB issued

    These cards are only valid on our test system. They will never involve any actual transaction or transfer of funds. For all cards, use the following details:

     Expiration: 06 / 2016

    CVV2/CVC2/CSC: 737

    CID: 7373

    • On the configuration page I see a 404 error?
      • Fix: Log out of the admin and then log back in, this will assign your user the new permissions to view the config page.
    • My test settings work fine, but live server doesn't?
      • Fix: Contact Barclaycard and request that your account is made live, each account has to be approved go-live by Barclaycard before the live server environment will work.

    Thanks for using the help guide.
    Copyright Juno Media - Do not reproduce without written consent.