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Google Base Feed



Thanks for purchasing the Facebook Base Feed / Product Listings Feed for Magento by Juno Media. This guide should be followed to complete a quick installation of the module.

1. Download

First step as with any Magento add-on is to download the module zip file. To do this login to your account at Once logged in, navigate to the My Account section and click on the downloads link on the left side. Now you should see the module file available to download.

2. Install

The module has been packaged for installation via Magento Connect. This is the simplest way to install and manage your modules. Navigate to (replacing with your actual domain name, then login when prompted.

When logged in you should see the upload package option. Use this option to locate the zip file downloaded in step one of this guide.

When located, select, upload and install. Now the module will be installed on your site. Next step is to return to the admin section of your website and goto the Admin > System > Cache Management section. Once on this page, clear all the caches and Magento Storage. Once the caches have been cleared you need to log out and log back into the admin, this triggers the install.

Now the module will be installed and ready to configure.

3. Configure Magento

Now the module is installed log on to your Magento admin account. Navigate to Catalogue>Google Base Feed. This will reveal the basic setting for the module:

  • Gbase Information - no changes needed

  • Content Settings - We need to map the fields in the database to the fields Google uses to catalogue products. Use 'Static Value' for data which doesn't alter per product. The majority of the data will be product dependent so choose ' Attribute' and select the 'Value' which closely matches the Field Name. For the Product Category value, consult this document:

4. Configure Merchant Centre

Now Magento is setup and configured its time to login to Merchant Centre and complete the configuration of your Product Listings feed. Navigate to 'Data Feeds' and select 'Weekly Upload'. The location of the feed will be . Now test the feed.

5. Set up Adwords

1. From Merchant Centre, navigate to Settings>Adwords.

2. Set up your account. Make sure you add your budget and set your bid limit.