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ManaDev Limit Filters

  • copy files

    • app/design/frontend/current_package/current_theme/templates  to current theme

  • update the themes files

    • in ‘app/design/frontend/current_package/current_theme/templates/catalog/category/’     update ‘view.phtml’ using  ‘example view template.phtml’ as template

  • go to Magento Admin ->Manadev -> Global Configuration -> Layered Navigation

  • go to Magento Admin ->Manadev -> Global Configuration -> General

  • check local, with local and live side by side

    • check they look similar and local isnt broken from badly adapting  template code

    • check that when more than 3 attributes are selected that the url becomes a query string


    • check t    hat if you select two categories that the url string becomes query string