Magento Project Manager Questions

  • Are all pages themed?
  • Are all pages responsive?
  • Is the critical path in place (products data -> shipping rates -> taxrates -> payment gateway)?
  • I the blog built and complete?
  • Is the product page functioning correctly?
  • Is all of the navigation dynamic?
  • Are all of the banners manageable?
  • Is all of the content manageable?
  • Is the site inline with internal SEO standards?
Frequent Customer Questions

1. Where in the Magento admin area do we upload all the content managed content? (e.g. front page image and thumbnails, about us page, info pages, sizing pages etc ) - I really want to start getting this in to the site ASAP. 

2. Where do we upload the video to feature on the front page?

3. How do we manage the instagram feed on the front page? 

4. Where do we upload the lookbooks? 

5. For the blog  - do we just upload as normal on wordpress but in the new image sizes? Will the archive page just resize automatically?

6. How do I divide and link the Category banners to specific categories?

7. How does the shipping prices work when the customer changes currency? The shipping costs are all in GBP so does it just do a simple currency converter and do we have to set prices?

8. Can the live chat  feature be designed to look like the website?

9. We need the newsletter template and header to match the aesthetic of the new website - how do we do that?

10. Is the newsletter sign up linked to our email System?

11. What happens to returns logged in our old website?

12. What happens to our old website and the orders within it? how long will the site be down for?

13. I really need to know the size of the main front page image ( full screen one). I need to plan all the design side and this is important. 

14. Do you have a training pdf or anything that explains the basics of Magento admin area?