Magento Project In-Build Testing List

This list should be used to inform ticket creation. Any work found to be required as a result of this testing should be raised for completion. Testing should be carried out frequently during build. Tickets should usually not cover several pages and should be specific rather than general.

Homepage and General

Make Sure all banners throughout the site are manageable with Juno Banners Check; Homepage, Product page, Categories.
Make sure the homepage Banners link to the appropriate pages

Check that the Search page works and is styled correctly.

Create favicon

Test the main navigation and any dropdown menus and ensure that they are dynamic and editable.

Homepage Blog Content
Ensure news content on the homepage is drawn from wordpress and links correctly to the relevant article.

Set Up Blog
Set up blog in Wordpress as per designs

Make Sure Social Feeds Are Working
Project Managers to get information.

Social Icons
Link Social Icons to Social Accounts | If no accounts visible ask a Project Manager for the Links

URL's and Meta

Juno Meta Module
Add Juno Meta Module | ask a PM for the latest version

Set Up Meta Information
Set up meta for all pages including homepage

Add Juno URL Shortner
Add the Juno URL Shortner to tidy Category URLs.

Admin Config

Product URLS Config (system > catalog > catalog > search engine optimisations)
Use Categories Path for Product URLs: No
Create Permanent Redirect for URLs if URL Key Changed: Yes
Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Categories: Yes
Use Canonical Link Meta Tag For Products: Yes

Product Page

Set 'Qty' field to 1 if a Qty Field is present (so the users can just click buy)

  • Turn off ship to multiple addresses
  • Check the default config in system > config has all be altered to suit UK based site
  • Remove Cheque Money Order
  • Ensure required fields are correct (reference design) eg. gender often should not be a required field
  • Check for broken graphics in the checkout
  • Check Tax rates are set up
  • Check Print Order Page is styled
  • Check Success page is styled
  • Check Paypal Confirmation page is styled
  • Set Up and Test Shipping Rates 
  • Set Up Payment Gateway (e.g. Sagepay / paypal / Barclays EPDQ)
  • Change the Americanisms to English (if its a UK SIte) 
  • Check links to terms and conditions / pop ups
  • Test Coupons and make sure any error / success messages are styled. 
  • Checkout as a guest - check process works and is correctly styled
  • Register an Account and checkout - check process works and is correctly styled
  • Check: VAT, Shipping, Net and Grand Total Values are correct

Transactional emails
Ensure that all transactional emails are styled as per designs. 

Account sign up email
Make sure the customer is not sent their password in plain text in the welcome email. Replace with asterisks or put in placeholder text.

Sign up to Newsletter. Ensure that email address is recorded in the admin and that the sign up email is styled correctly.

Confirm all website email correspondence have been designed cut and added to the site correctly.
Email Headers need to be changed for all emails - Change to name of company or ask client for specific.

Contact Page
  • Make sure the correct customer contact info is on the contact page
  • Ensure the contact form works and that the contact information is a Manageable CMS Block

Account Section
  • Test account section, registration, Log In , Log Out, Edit Address test everything to within an inch of its life.
  • If the site is Enterprise then make sure returns is in and works.
  • Review registrations in the admin and make sure everything is recording properly. 

 CMS Pages
  • Ensure All CMS Pages linked to in the footer are present
  • Make sure all footer links work
  • Get Content from the original site or from the customer (e.g. privacy policy / terms / About Us)