PPC Questionnaire

1. How does a keyword's quality score affect it's ad position with a fixed CPC?

2. What is important to get a good quality score?

3. Give 5 examples of phrases which would trigger the phrase match keyword "red shoes":

4.  How would you ensure that people searching for free or cheap "red shoes" do not trigger a broad or phrase match keyword?

5. If you sold 5 types of products, each with 5 colour variations, how many campaigns and ad groups would you create?

6. Does the display URL have to match the destination URL?

7. Can bids be adjusted for mobile devices only?

8. Can sitelinks be added to adverts?

9. Can you pay to be in the Google Shopping results?

10. Can ads be set to only trigger for male or females?

11. Can videos and flash banners be shown on Google's Adsense ads?

12. Can you have a top ad ranking and a top organic ranking next to each other at the same time?

13. Can you get multiple ads to show for a Google search at the same time?

14. Can ads be triggered for different browsers separately?

15. If the conversion rate was 2.5% then how many clicks on average would it take for each sale?

16. What does CTR stand for?

17. Name one other place than Google's main search where Google search partner ads will show:

18. How many characters can be used for an Ad title?

19. How many characters can be used for an Ad description line?

20. If the conversion rate was 2% on average, the average CPC is £1 and each sale generated £60 profit after costs then what is the overall profit per sale?