Juno SeoMeta Module

The Seometa module provide an easy way to create dynamic meta data rules, maximising the product and category pages ability to rank with the search engines. 

The module does not configure key pages including the home page, about us, delivery information etc. Meta data for these pages should be hand-written by navigating to the CMS>Pages menu. 

Meta Titles

An important indication of the theme of a page for both customers and search engines. Where, possible, include relevant keywords. Max 69 characters length (including spaces). 

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages which are often used by Google to give short snippets of information for a given page. Well written descriptions don't cause pages to rank higher, but they can have an affect on click-through rates. Max 160 characters length (note: meta descriptions can be longer, but will be snipped short when they appear on Google)

Creating Meta Algorithms 

Use placeholders by wrapping them in square brackets []

Available placeholders are:

%s store name
%w website name
%c category name
%p product name

If the value isn't available on the page you are viewing, it will be skipped.

Use the 'pipe' symbol: | to provide an alternative where no usable data exists. 

[%p|great range of products]
If product name isn't available (eg category page) it will insert 'great range of products'

That way you can build a default which should cover most scenarios
You can override the default per product, or per category

Example Meta

Check out our [%p|great range of products] at [%w]