Server Migration Information Request

To carefully migrate your website from its current server to our servers we will require access information to your domain account and current server. In order to ensure no downtime to emails we will need to know more information about your emails and where they are hosted.

Please supply the following:

1./ Username and Password to your domain account.
2./ SSH or FTP or Cpanel Access to your current server. Please note that SSH Access is preferable.
3./ A list of all email addresses hosted on the current server.
4./  If the site has an SSL certificate, it would save us from buying a new one if you can provide: private key, certificate & intermediate certificate (if there is one).

- It may be that you want to repoint the domain name and not give us access to the domain account, this is fine but let us know so we can make timing arrangements with you.
- It may be that your current host will not provide Access to the server. In this instance please request that a full backup of the site files and database posted in a location where we can download it.