Vendor Module for Magento

Key Points

  • Ability for overall website admin to upload CSV of products in specified format.
  • Shipping Rates on a "Per Vendor" basis.
  • Orders emailed to vendors upon purchase.
  • Order reports per vendor.

Module Detail

Add "Vendors" tab.
Under vendors: Upload Products, Upload Shipping Rates, Download Reports.

Upload Products
This is a upload function to create products.
Products will be assigned to a "Vendor Customer" upon upload. 
Example product CSV format will be provided by Juno.
Products will need to be assigned into categories and the appropriate
attributes values upon upload. (Format will be detailed as above)
Images will need to be handled by the upload.

Image paths will need to be relative to a remote server, the upload script will then download the image from the remote server and add to the item. 
Multiple images can be handled, the format as outlined in the example CSV.
There will be a set number of product attributes available for vendors from launch as defined by the client prior to work commencing.

Upload Shipping Rates
This is a upload function to assign shipping rates to a customer from "Vendor Group". The admin will be presented with a drop down of the Vendor customers, and a upload field for shipping CSV file. 
Data for the vendor shipping rates will be store in a custom table.
Data will be overwritten when a new CSV file is uploaded for that customer.
Example CSV shipping file will be provided by Juno.

Download Reports
This should present a drop down of the customer names in the "Vendor Group" and to/from dates, upon Download it will create a CSV file with the orders for that vendor only.

"Vendors will be created as standard customers, there will then be a "Vendors" customer group that these customers will be assigned into. 

The following Customer Attributes will be created:
Is Vendor - this will be a Yes/No option that defines a customer as avendor.
Vendor Image - This will be a image of the vendor, normally the company logo.
Vendor description - Text description of the vendor.
Vendor location - Text description of the vendors location.

Standard product administration will remain for the overall website administrator in the normal magento format.

Attributes will be added to products for:
Vendor - This will define which vendor the product belongs to.

The fronted will use the standard magento catalog products and categories format as well as the standard basket and checkout functionality. On top of this standard functionality the following functionality will be added.

Product Page
Ability to show the vendor name.
Ability to show the vendor location.
(other vendor attributes can be added/removed upon request)

Basket - Shipping charges "per vendor" are shown broken down.
Checkout - Shipping charges "per vendor" are shown broken down.
Success Page Order email for the relevant order items are sent to the relative vendor email addresses.

Vendor/Customer Login (visible in the standard front end customer account section)
The login on the front end will be universal across vendors and customers.
Upon login, if the user is defined as a "Vendor" there will be extra options in the "My Account" area:
Ability to edit vendor name, description, location.
Ability to download order reports for their vendor account from defined time periods.

Important notes.
Shipping charges are per vendor, therefore a customer who orders 3x products could face 3x separate delivery charges.