Magento Full Page Cache Lesti::Fpc


To speed up product pages in Magento that are not cached in the native Magento caching mechanism we tried a couple of solutions. The one that seemed to do a good job and was well programmed and stable as well as maintained was Lesti::Fpc 

(N.B. One to avoid that we tried was "Zoom Full Page Cache" partly because we struggled to get it to work and also because the "hole punching" mechanism was ajax based and therefore subject to a number of concerns.)


To install use the Magento Connect mechanism. This will install the extension in "app/code/community/Lesti"
It will also install a file called fpc.xml.sample in "app/etc/modules". For normal set up this xml is not required and apart from having a cache lifetime setting which matches the default Lesti::Fpc lifetime of 24 hours it would only be used if a different length lifetime was required or if the Redis/Zend cache was used or if Memcached was used in place of Leti's default setup. In the current implementation we have not used this file and just Leti::Fpc's basic caching 


Once installed clear the cache "admin/system/cache management" and this will let you see the Lesti configuration in two places.

The Cache

Lesti::Fpc will appear in the cache as Fpc and should be enabled. The example below is from a system on the development server so the other cache items were not switched on. This is OK for testing the page cacheing but would need to be switched off again for development purposes.



This allow a more fine grained approach to what is cached.
So for example Cachable Actions entry has the csv list of "cms_index_index, cms_page_view, catalog_product_view, catalog_category_view" and so on.

As of writing this document 24th Sept 2013 we have only used the default settings.

Source Documentation

The Lesti::Fpc home page and more documentation is available here.