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Updating WordPress

It is highly recommended to check & apply WordPress updates at least once a month as it is becoming more common that sites are hacked due to old versions of WordPress or old versions of plugins.

There are convenient options for this in the WordPress admin (under Dashboard > Updates). It is very rare that an update will cause any issues. To be safe, we do strongly recommend backing up the site files & database before applying updates.

To backup the site under Tools > Backups (please contact Juno if you do not see this option), click on "Complete Weekly" & then "Run now". This will back up the site files & data and ensure that we can revert to a previous version should an update cause any issues.

Under Tools > Backups click "Update Now" if there is an available WordPress version update. Please also use the same admin page to apply any available updates to plugins & themes.

Alternatively Juno can quote for managing regular upgrades on your site as a paid service.